On this page are links to tools and resources complimenting our UXB risk maps, helping everyone gain a better understanding of UXO hazards. In addition, resources are provided to assist in compiling preliminary UXO assessments in line with CIRIA guidance.


Our datasheets provide detailed background information for a range of items, from ordnance types through to common sources of UXO. You can also download the latest industry guidance or use our tools to estimate the likely bomb penetration depths on your site or the probability of hitting and detonating a UXB during drilling.


We are constantly adding to this useful resource, so keep an eye on this page or follow our social media links to keep abreast of updates and additions.


Likewise, our periodic newsletters contain a range of articles on the UXO services we can provide, industry news and general historical interest pieces.  You can download the newsletters by clicking the links below:


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