Assessing Offshore UXO Hazards


ZeticaUXO has just completed an offshore risk assessment for the location of a proposed tide gauge.  Our research identified the presence of a WWII practice bombing target on the site, in addition to other potential sources of UXO including aircraft crashes and jettisoning areas.

Having established the potential for a significant UXO hazard to be present, we analysed client-provided geophysical survey data to determine whether this was sufficient to identify a safe location for the tide gauge.  Using our own technical software, we were able to derive an estimate of the survey’s potential detectability range for the anticipated ordnance types on the site.

This showed that, despite numerous magnetic anomalies being identified, it was possible that UXO on or buried beneath the seabed may not have been detected.  As such, we recommended that MagCone probing should be undertaken to ensure the safe implementation of the tide gauge, preventing the client from taking any undue risks that may have come about from a misinterpretation of the survey data.