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Grenade Found in Leicestershire Shed

Capture2-300x166A live grenade was found in the garden shed of a house in Market Harborough, Leicestershire at the end of last week. A house clearance was being undertaken after the death of the previous occupant when the item of UXO was found, prompting the arrival of an RAF Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team.


UXO are often inadvertentlyÀšÃ‚ kept as collectors items and stored in houses and gardens across the country. Whilst many inert ordnance collectors take great measures to ensure that any items they possess are not live, others are not so vigilant or are simply unaware of the potential hazard live UXO can provide.


Possessing or selling live ordnance items is illegal and can have potentially serious consequences. In 2011, a boy in Northamptonshire lost his fingertips after an 81mm Spanish mortar he bought online, and that was supposedly inert, exploded in his hands.ÀšÃ‚ 


Another recent incident involved the use of a live WWII incendiary bomb as a doorstop at a house in Plymouth which, once finally reported, led to the attendance of an EOD team.


Any person in possession of ordnance-related items, or with knowledge of someone who is, must ensure that such items are inert. If in any doubt, the police should be informed.


For more see:ÀšÃ‚ http://www.harboroughmail.co.uk/news/mail-news/update-grenade-uncovered-during-harborough-house-clearance-1-6792843