Mortar Washed up on Cleethorpes Beach…Again

Capture6-300x231A mortar bomb that washed up on Cleethorpes beach has been disposed of in a controlled explosion by members of the Royal Navy’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team from Portsmouth. The mortar was found by a member of the Cleethorpes Coastguard who informed the Police straight away.

A member of the EOD team, commenting on the disposal operation, reflected: ‘To anyone who might come across something like this you absolutely shouldn’t go near them’. Wise words indeed.

UXO is regularly washed up along the northeast Lincolnshire coast, which was the location of extensive WWII anti-aircraft defences, practice firing ranges and numerous aircraft crashes. Recent finds at Cleethorpes include mortars, AA and anti-tank shells, marine mines and aircraft ammunition.

This is unlikely to be the last time that the Navy’s EOD team is mobilised for this particular stretch of popular coastline.

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