Mustard Gas Found at Former RAF Site in Lincolnshire

A stockpile of Mustard Gas was found in woodland near the former RAF Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire. The canisters of the notorious chemical weapon were taken to Porton Down for analysis, the conclusion being that they had been left behind when the RAF vacated the area.

Two people who uncovered the gas – and who are currently the subject of a Police investigation – are being treated in hospital.

Although Mustard Gas was never used by the Allies during WWII, several airfields in the east of the country retained stores in the event that the Luftwaffe undertook a gas attack on the UK, in which case the RAF would retailiate in kind.  Despite clean-up efforts by the MoD on the closure of its facilities, it is known that not all sites used to store such agents are free from contamination.

Update: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) personnel from the Royal Navy are using sonar equipment in a bid to detect further Mustard Gas canisters in a lake within the woodland.

Update 11th October: A further 11No. cases have been found at the site, potentially containing Mustard Gas.

Update 18th October: 10No. 6lb round bombs filled with Mustard Gas have been retrieved by a Royal Navy EOD team from a lake in Roughton Woods near the former RAF Woodhall Spa.

More information on these 6lb bombs can be found here: