Seven WWII Shells Found on Liverpool Construction Site

Capture-2-300x1907No. suspected WWII shells have been found so far on a building site in Liverpool.  The discoveries at Pall Mall were discovered within 24 hours and it possible that more may be present.  An Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team has confirmed that the shells were empty and that they were removed from the site.

Numerous factories and engineering works in Liverpool were engaged in the manufacture of shell casings during WWII.  Many of these cases were utlimately not required and were typically sent to smelting works or scrap metal merchants after the war.  Others were dumped on waste ground or in canals and are still occasionally found today.

Of course any such item must be treated as live until conclusively proven otherwise.  It is believed that further geophysical investigation will now be undertaken to try and remove any similar items prior to the main construction works.