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Unexploded Flares on Brean Beach

Capture1-300x186An unexploded flare has been found on the beach at Brean, SomersetÀšÃ‚ for the fourth time this year and the second time in less than a week. The Time Expired Pyrotechnic (TEP) was several years out of date and had to be removed by a trained team from the Burnham Coastguard.


Last week, a similar item said to be in a ‘volatile’ condition had to be disposed of in situ via a controlled detonationÀšÃ‚ by an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team from the Army Royal Logistics Corps.


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inshorepack1-280x300TEPs regularly wash up on beaches having been disposed of or misfired at sea and they can provide a significant hazard to those attempting to handle them. HMÀšÃ‚ Coastguard Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres are equipped to deal with the following TEPs:


  1. Rocket Flares
  2. Handheld Smoke/Flare
  3. Maroons
  4. Smoke Generators
  5. Buoyant Lifesmoke
  6. Mini Flare Packs
  7. Speedline
  8. Signal Pistol Cartridges
  9. Man Overboard Markers


Anything not listed, or in a particularly hazardous condition, will require the attendance of an EOD team.