UXB Found Near Offshore Wind Farm Development


Danger areas of the various firing ranges surrounding The Wash, 1945

Seven unexploded bombs (UXB) have been discovered on the seabed at the location of a planned offshore wind farm in the Wash. Wind turbines are soon to be installed at an area of Race Bank off the Lincolnshire coast and unexploded ordnance (UXO) had been flagged up as a potential hazard during the pre-construction phase.

The Wash and its approaches have been extensively used for bombing and air-firing practice by the military, particularly during WWII.  It was also a designated jettison area for damaged bomber aircraft returning from operational missions across Europe and is the location of numerous aircraft crash sites.

The locations of the UXB identified so far have been marked with buoys and, subject to approval, the bombs will be detonated by Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) divers prior to the development commencing.

With offshore developments – particularly wind farms and associated pipelines – becoming increasingly frequent, UXO issues need to be addressed at an early stage. Zetica regularly conducts offshore UXO risk assessments for a wide variety of sites around the UK. With the records of offshore military activity much more extensive than one might imagine, it is possible to identify areas of greater risk than others, allowing developers to finalise their construction designs with confidence.

See: http://www.skegnessstandard.co.uk/news/local/unexploded-bombs-found-in-the-wash-1-6929322