UXO Found on Leicester Site Two Days Running

10593686-large-300x202A Bomb Disposal squad has been mobilised to the same building site in Leicester for the second day running after an unexploded ammunition shell was discovered during excavations. It follows on from the discovery of two WWII 6-inch shells the day before.

The site – currently a car park – is reputed to have been used by the Home Guard and later by American troops for anti-tank practice. The consecutive finds may require a more thorough investigation by a UXO specialist to determine whether more potentially hazardous items remain on the site.

Leicester was the location of several US army camps during WWII and the requirement for training facilities often meant the requisitioning of any suitable piece of land in the near vicinity of troop accommodation. It reinforces the need for a thorough UXO risk assessment prior to any intrusive works.

For more see: http://www.hinckleytimes.net/news/local-news/bomb-disposal-experts-back-leicestershire-9744755