West Sussex Research

This week we have been researching a site in West Sussex within a former military training area used during World War Two (WWII).  As with any Site with a history of military use, there is always a potential for encountering Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)!

Archival research demonstrated that the area surrounding the site was used for training by infantry, armoured vehicles and artillery units, and often involved live firing.

Historical aerial photographs further helped us to understand the military activity taking place in the immediate vicinity of the site.  Images like this 1946 photograph show Anti-Aircraft defences (yellow), the remnants of a military camp (orange) and areas of cratering surrounding a practice trench that are indicative of training (red).

As a result of our research and experience of similar sites we were able to zone areas of low and moderate UXO hazard on the site, enabling us to recommend proactive risk mitigation techniques to keep both workers and local residents safe.