When hazardous UXO are found, our Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) teams follow the steps detailed in the flowchart below, ensuring a safe operation with as little disruption as possible.


If, following one of our EOD operations, most people are not aware of what has taken place, then we and our SiteSafe Alliance partners have done our job!

Chain of Custody

Understand Hazards

What type of UXO is it and what condition is it in?


Its depth, location in relation to vulnerable infrastructure / population

Competent Personnel

Only highly trained and experienced EOD Engineers to carry out the disposal operation

Liaison & Permissions

Relevant authorities informed of any intended EOD operation

Contingency Planning

Clear communication protocols and plans in place

Minimised Evacuation Zone

Disposal techniques and blast mitigation optimised to minimise any evacuation requirements

Clearance Certification

Provide ‘All Clear’ and UXO clearance report.