The flowchart below briefly describes the UXO hazard and risk assessment process undertaken by our dedicated research team. ZeticaUXO has the reputation for providing some of the most thorough and objective UXO risk assessments in the industry.


Our assessments are substantiated by in-depth research, exceeding the requirements of guidance such as CIRIA, routinely going the extra mile so that we properly understand the hazard and risks for a site. This ensures that any unnecessary risk mitigation is avoided!

Risk Assessment Process

High-level overview of regional UXB risk

Consultation of readily available records to determine the need for a detailed desk study

Detailed Desk Study Required?


Detailed Desk Study


Proceed With Works

In-depth research into site activities

Devise risk mitigation plan with a range of options to allow for constraints and taking into consideration client risk tolerance

Risk Mitigation?




Proceed with Works