In addition to undertaking UXO risk assessments for a wide variety of sites across the UK, Zetica is also experienced with providing risk assessments, mitigation services and consultancy for sites overseas.


One of the advantages of Britain’s historically global footprint is that we have been left with large quantities of English-language records pertaining to military activity across the world. This means that we are able to undertake UXO risk assessments with the same thoroughness as we do for sites in the UK, with the knowledge that many relevant records will be held in British archives. Zetica also has access to a large range of archives specialising in historical aerial photography for sites overseas.


Of course, there may be occasions when important records are also held in international repositories. With extensive research and foreign language skills within the company, Zetica can either undertake data collection abroad or, if required, liaise with local researchers to obtain the necessary records. Whilst this may require additional programme time, it ensures that our reports are completed to the same high standard as usual, with pragmatic recommendations for mitigating any identified UXO hazard.



In addition to risk assessment, Zetica offers its full range of complimentary risk mitigation and consultancy services abroad. We have undertaken UXO detection and clearance in areas as diverse as the Kuwaiti oil lakes and Danish fjords, whilst providing detailed strategies for removing the UXO risk from challenging sites both onshore and in the marine environment.


If you have an international project that requires addressing a potential UXO hazard, contact us at or call 01993 886682 to speak to one of our UXO team.