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Technical Details

Zetica UXO will ensure an appropriate survey design for any site with a potential UXO hazard.  This means using the right techniques to detect and map the anticipated ordnance. 

Details of typically used equipment are provided below.  Further information can be provided on request. 

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Many rocks and minerals are weakly magnetic or are magnetized by induction in the Earth’s field, and cause spatial perturbations or “anomalies” in the Earth’s main field. Man-made objects containing iron or steel are often highly magnetized and locally can cause large anomalies up to several thousands of nanoTeslas (nT).

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Electromagnetic (EM):

An EM signal is generated by a transmitter coil. This produces a secondary EM signal in a conductor that can be detected on surface by a receiver coil. The quadrature component provides a measure of the apparent ground conductivity whilst the real (in-phase) component is responsive to buried metallic objects. The spacing between the coils determines the maximum depth of investigation in any given setting.

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Towed Survey Platform

For large sites with good access, Zetica can deploy one of its custom designed survey platforms.  This allows survey equipment to be towed behind an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), providing survey coverage quickly and economically.