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Depth Calculator

Calculate the maximum penetration depth of an unexploded bomb.

The unexploded bomb depth calculator (UXB-DC) uses MoD guidance tables for average bomb penetration depths in common UK soil and rock types for different bomb sizes, assuming a range of strike angles and strike speeds. Zetica have used this as a starting point to derive a multilayer UXB depth penetration model which has proved to be of great practical value to derive the maximum depth a UXB for different soil conditions. To use the tool, select a bomb size (weight) and up to 5 geological layers with associated thicknesses. The calculated maximum penetration depth is automatically updated.



Thickness (m)

Max Penetration Depth: 0.0 m


This UXB-DC applet is based on an analytic solution developed by Zetica Ltd to calculate the maximum penetration depth of a UXB for different geological layers. Users should be aware that actual geological conditions may vary from the model and therefore users are advised to take a conservative view of the results and factor in geological uncertainty. Zetica Ltd do not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of any claim, proceeding, loss or damage arising from the use of the UXB-DC applet.