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Site Support

Zetica routinely works with clients on sites across the UK to ensure works proceed safely and with minimum disruption.

Watching Brief

It may not always be practical to undertake proactive UXO detection and target investigation due to site conditions or programme constraints.

A pragmatic alternative is for an Explosive Ordnance Clearance (EOC) Engineer to supervise works such as excavations.

The EOC Engineer will carry out a visual assessment on any suspect items uncovered during excavation works and ensure appropriate action is taken if the item is identified as UXO.

The advantage of having an EOC engineer on site with you is their ability to reduce delays whenever a random item of scrap metal is found.

Where there is a risk from explosives contamination we can provide a dedicated Explosives Engineer to oversee works.  Based on the findings of the risk assessment we can undertake a targeted sampling exercise to understand the extent of the contamination.  This will be carried out with due recognition of the type of development and any local planning conditions. 

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Borehole clearance

If you are planning to drill on a site with a potential Unexploded Bomb (UXB) hazard at depth beyond the range of detection from the surface, then deep UXB detection is required.

The MagDrill technique involves lowering a magnetometer into a borehole in stages as drilling progresses to ensure the route is free from  UXB (image right).

MagDrill is typically used to support ground investigations or on sites where ground conditions might preclude alternative deep UXB detection methods from reaching sufficient depths.