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UXO Awareness Briefings

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UXO Awareness Briefing

Zetica can provide site staff with a formal UXO awareness briefing to ensure everyone takes appropriate action in the event potential ordnance is found.

A useful package of briefing materials is included with every briefing as well as a few copies of our UXO Handbook!

The UXO awareness briefing ensures that in the unlikely event that UXO is encountered:

  • All site staff take appropriate action.
  • A support mechanism and points of contact are established.
  • The likelihood of harm to people or property is reduced.
  • Significant delays to site work are prevented.

See also our page of useful downloads and resources (link below) for further information and data sheets.

If you are interested in a briefing or workshop tailored to your specific needs, please get in touch.  We often provide bespoke briefings and presentations to accompany CPD events.

To download our UXO awareness poster, click here.