Cromer Boat Explosion Caused by Unexploded Bomb

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch has confirmed ‘with a high degree of certainty’ that a vessel fishing off Cromer in December 2020 struck and detonated a German Unexploded Bomb (UXB).

The crew of the Galwad-Y-Mor were hauling in crab pots when an explosion caused significant damage to the vessel, injuring 5 people.  The MAIB said the boat’s reserve buoyancy, the preparedness of the crew and good weather conditions meant it did not capsize.  Analysis of fragments from one of the crab pots found elevated concentrations of TNT, suggesting the likelihood of a UXB detonation.

It serves as a further reminder of the UXO hazards present in British and European waters due to a long legacy of warfare.  For further information on marine UXO services, visit our dedicated page.