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Reported ‘Unexploded Ordnance’ Discovered in Shropshire Car Park

West Mercia Police were alerted on Wednesday (17th April) to reports of an item of ‘unexploded ordnance’ being discovered at Leek Street Car Park in Wem, Shropshire.

A police cordon was established and an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team attended the scene, who removed the device and conducted a controlled explosion early on Wednesday evening.

West Mercia Police have yet to release any further information, and the exact nature of the device remains unconfirmed.

See: Wem car park sealed off after unexploded ordnance found – BBC News

UPDATE (19/04/2024):

It has now been confirmed that the UXO alert at Leek Street Car Park was prompted by the donation of a reported 10″ shell to a charity shop.

See: Bomb alert prompted by Wem charity shop’s shell donation – BBC News