Case Histories (EOD)

Zetica UXO, with its Sitesafe Alliance partners, provide professional and cost-effective Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operations. These minimise disruption and ensure the safety of those present on your site.


Zetica UXO completed the safe disposal of 3No. 500lb British Unexploded Bombs (UXB) without any disruption to the local community.

This was achieved through detailed planning over a 16 month period, from the initial detailed desk study and risk assessment, to the final uncovering and disposal of the UXBs. Alongside the primary safety considerations, it was a specific requirement for the development that any such work would not disrupt the local community.

After consultation with the relevant authorities and local stakeholders, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operation took place.

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Directed by the findings of the UXO risk assessment and the results of a multi-sensor UXO detection survey, a disposal facility for the safe destruction of the anticipated UXB was constructed. This facility used over 800 tonnes of sand in its construction, ensuring that any safety perimeters remained within the site boundary.

Although the local community was aware of the EOD operation, the detailed planning and controlled execution ensured that when the 3No. UXBs were destroyed, nobody noticed a thing.



UXO was routinely being found during construction at one of the UK’s busiest airports.  This resulted in the closure of airspace and surrounding infrastructure, costing thousands of pounds.

Zetica put in place an EOD mechanism that did not require any significant evacuation zones, meaning the airport could continue operating even when ordnance was being dealt with.

The system of work was proven effective and therefore had the full backing of all the relevant authorities, including airport security services and the Police.

This involved the design and construction of an EOD containment facility that enabled the destruction of UXO to take place without a significant cordon.

Delays have been prevented, money saved and tensions reduced.

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Zetica has been involved in the remediation of a former airfield site in Wales. Our desk study identified a potential hazard on part of the site due to the former presence of cannon test butts.

During preliminary ground investigations, unexploded cannon shells were identified within stockpiled material at the site.

To ensure the safe removal and re-use of the material, Zetica undertook visual and instrument screening of the stockpile.  Numerous 20mm and 30mm cannon shells were found, with more than 50No. finds per day.

Due to the high volume of finds, Zetica maintained an EOD team on site to render items safe. This was done through controlled demolitions. Items deemed inert were removed for safe disposal elsewhere.

More than 5,000No. cannon shells have been removed from the stockpiles, with screened material able to be re-used during the development of the site.





Ordnance Disposal 2

Zetica was commissioned to assist in the management of the UXO hazard at a former Army barracks in Hampshire. As part of this, an ordnance disposal facility was established in case UXO was found during any surveys or later demolition works.

During the demolition works a large number of small arms ammunition was found, along with grenades. These were made safe through controlled demolitions.

Additionally, two 500lb British bombs were discovered during excavation works. Our onsite EOC Engineer was able to determine that both were inert and they were removed from site.