Target Investigation

Where a UXO detection survey has identified targets that could be potential UXO, an intrusive investigation can be undertaken by an Explosive Ordnance Clearance (EOC) team.


If potential UXO targets cannot be avoided, an intrusive investigation is required to confirm their nature.

As outlined on our UXO detection survey page, we have a rigorous target selection process with the aim of reducing the number of targets for investigation.  This is based on the likelihood that on most sites the majority of targets will not be UXO.

Our target investigations are undertaken by competent and experienced Explosive Ordnance Clearance (EOC) Engineers.  They will provide positive identification of any suspect item encountered.

If an item of UXO is identified, Zetica can oversee and manage the disposal process on behalf of the client.

We always ensure that any target investigation is thoroughly documented with accurate records of findings.  If a potential target is not located, our rigorous quality control process will identify why that may be the case.  We will not simply accept that the target is not there.

It may not always be practical to undertake a target investigation due to site conditions or programme constraints. A pragmatic alternative in such situations is for an EOC Engineer to supervise excavations.

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