Below is a flowchart showing the typical steps ZeticaUXO take to ensure that the method of investigation is appropriate for the likely UXO hazard and, just as importantly, verifying how successful any such investigations are.


Understanding the actual level of detection achieved on-site is probably the most crucial issue, something many forget!

Re-assessment of achievable detection level

Taking into account:-Target type/depth and appropriate geophysical detection methods

Target Selection

Assess data, discriminate and model potential targets to reduce number of false (non-UXO) targets

Detection Assurance

Establish the anticipated detection depth and verify through seeding of a target (burial of inert UXO-like object)

Planning and Contingency

Ensure that plans are in place to deal with any item of UXO encountered (including liaison with relevant authorities)

Undertake an intrusive investigation of identified targets to identify them as UXO or otherwise

UXO Found?


If UXO is found, arrange for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)


Completion Report & Clearance Certification

Clearance report to include details of surveys undertaken, results (including detection assurance levels achieved) and conclusions (including any residual hazard)